Revised 05-06-2018


Airsoft-Games is not bound equally to any which political or religious group or movement en will not engage itself for activities of this nature. The rules, code of conduct and house rules will be explained in this document.


Players make the game and on the day that you participate in one of our events, you are a soldier. This is the attitude you must maintain on an ASG event. Not only for the realism of the game, but also because we try to make sure that everyone is treated with the same respect and attention. Our events are based on the principle of a gentlemen’s game and it is required that these are regarded as such. You may get bruised during one of our events, or it may occur that someone hits you, by accident, at close range with a pellet. These things can happen in a realistic setting, so please be prepared for these occurrences.

With boxing you can expect to get struck, with soccer you can expect to get kicked against your leg and with airsoft events you can expect to get bruised. If you are in any way apprehensive about this, it may be wiser for you to look for other pass-times. Always enter the field with an open mind!! The so-called “BANG” rule is therefore never applied on any ASG event.

Common sense is a requirement when playing in airsoft events, so always make sure to play the game as conscience and responsible as possible. Our instructors are on-site at all times and will provide a strict but firm overview of both players and the game. Anyone that is responsible for ruining the game in any way, such as cursing, arguing, , dishonesty or any other form of improper behavior will be removed from play and the event without any refunds of the entrance fee. This is to protect our sport and the other participants.


  • CHAPTER 1 – Booking and playing
  • CHAPTER 2 – Briefing
  • CHAPTER 3 – Airsoft-replicas
  • CHAPTER 4 – FPS-limits
  • CHAPTER 5 – Undefined
  • CHAPTER 6 –Rules on and near the playing field
  • CHAPTER 7 – Instructors and Safety Zones
  • CHAPTER 8 – Disallowed goods
  • CHAPTER 9 – House rules
  • CHAPTER 10 – Liability


1.1 – Age
The minimum age for participation in an event organised by Airsoft-Games is 18 years. Persons under 18 years, as well as pets, are NOT allowed access to the event. Not even when they are accompanied by an adult, and to this rule there are NO exceptions. An airsoft event is no place for children and/or pets. In case of doubt about your age, our employees may require to see your identification

1.2 – Visitors
It is NOT possible to visit our events as a  spectator. Our playing fields have been properly shut off from the public eye in relation to safety. Participants can therefore not bring guests or spectators to our events.

1.3 – Rentals and Damages
Rental kit damages, losses and/or defects that can be recovered to blame, misfortunes, vandalism or injudicious use will be recorded to the player and will be charged later. Normal wear and tear will be recorded to Airsoft-Games.

1.4 – Booking and playing
To sign-up for one of our open events, you visit our website: www.airsoft-games.nl. For all bookings you will be required to pay the full amount at the entrance on the field on the play day. Since we have no mobile PIN machine at the field, all payments must be done in cash.


2.1 – Briefing
Upon arrival you will be welcomed by our instructors and guided to the briefing room. This is where the Combat-Simulation game already begins and you will be regarded as a disciplined Special Forces soldier. Of all participants will be expected to pay attention to the briefing and safety instructions without any childish behavior.

Should you have any questions, please ask them!! We want everything to be clear to you before you participate in one of our events.

2.2 – Safety guidelines
The safety instructions will be explained thoroughly to all participants and will mainly focus on the use and operation of the airsoft-replica weapon. The safety guidelines also include rules that will be in effect that same day and all important matters will be attended to once more. These safety guidelines are important for a proper and safe course of the day.

Attention: Playing Combat-Simulation games has a severe effect on your shoes, so we advise you to bring a pair of sturdy shoes or hiking boots. A towel for the sweating and some extra socks can be a good idea. Always be prepared.


3.1- Transporting airsoft-replica weapons
An airsoft-replica weapon cannot be transported in sight, and only in a sealed case or bag. It is also mandatory to transport weapon, magazines and BB’s in separate containers. It is prohibited by law in Belgium to transport any replica loaded (ready for use) and/or within reach (stated by law on the bearing of arms).

3.2 – Real weapons, bladed weapons and ammunition
It is prohibited to carry (fire) arms upon yourself. Knifes, daggers, bayonets, etc… are not allowed either on the event. Replica daggers and knives cannot be of rigid structure, but must be pliable. Neither do we allow real daggers, knives, etc…. that have been wrapped in duct tape. Carrying gear with improper demilitarised ammunition is not allowed.

3.3 –Homemade airsoft-replica weapons and pyrotechnics
Homemade airsoft-replica weapons, as well as pyrotechnics will have to be shown to the organization before use on the event. The organization will then examine and evaluate the objects. It may occur that the organization refuses certain items.

3.4 – Smoke distributing items
The use of smoke grenades is NOT allowed unless stated and discussed in advance.

3.5 – Lending airsoft-replica weapons
Everyone remains responsible for his own gear, both replica’s as well as other items. It is strongly advised not to lend your weapon or gear to another. Should there be any damages or losses after lending out your weapon or gear, then it is between the parties involved to solve this problem. Airsoft-games.com can in no circumstances be held responsible herein.

When one borrows a replica or gear from another player, one will make sure the owner receives it back in the same state that is was loaned in.

Attention: Never leave any material lying around, this to avoid damages and theft.

 3.6 – Airsoft-replica weapons
It is against the law to carry replica weapons in public places. During transport, airsoft-replicas must be carried in a locked case of trunk. Magazines and ammunition are best placed in a locked trunk or case as well, separated from the airsoft-replica weapons.

3.7 – Undefined constructions
Whenever one desires to use custom or other objects in the game, one is obliged to report this beforehand to the organization.


[FPS]: Feet per second – the speed with which a pellet is propelled out of the barrel.
Airsoft-Games applies the following FPS-limits:


Category Sidearm: Pistols & Revolvers
350FPS – Full Auto, Semi-Auto or Burst.

Category Shotguns
(gas or spring)
350FPS for gas – 400 FPS for spring

Category Full Auto: Assault Rifles en SMG’s
(AEG’s, GBB’s and NBB’s)
350FPS – Full Auto, Semi-Auto of Burst

Category Support Replica’s:
350FPS – Full Auto, Semi-Auto of Burst

Category Sniper: Bolt Action Spring or Gas/CO2
500 FPS – Single Shot + Real-cap Magazine


Category Sidearm: Pistols & Revolvers
500FPS – Full Auto, Semi-Auto or Burst.

Category Shotguns
(gas or spring)
500 FPS

Category Full Auto: Assault Rifles en SMG’s
(HPA, AEG’s, GBB’s and NBB’s)
500FPS – Full Auto, Semi-Auto of Burst

Category Support Replica’s:
500FPS – Full Auto, Semi-Auto of Burst

Category Sniper: Bolt Action Spring or Gas/CO2
700 FPS – Single Shot + Real-cap Magazine

Airsoft replica’s not defined here will be required to abide the “500 FPS – Full Auto, Semi-Auto or Burst “ rule.

All airsoft-replica rifles being offered by Airsoft-games in the rental kits are all limited to these FPS-limits, to guarantee safety on our events.

4.2 – FPS Checks
Every ASG-instructor and –Marshal carries his own FPS meter and tests will be performed “at random” during the day.

The FPS-test will need to be performed by the participants THEMSELVES at the beginning of the event. Every base camp is equipped with FPS meters. When an instructor or marshal finds out during the “random” tests that your replica’s FPS is higher than allowed, the replica will be taken from you and safeguarded by the organization until after the event.

Should this be the case, then you can always choose to hire a rental kit from Airsoft-games at reasonable prices, or choose to continue play with your secondary weapon. Should you choose not to rent, and do not possess a secondary weapon then you are no longer allowed on the event, and you will be refunded.

ATTENTION: When our instructors/marshals notice during the FPS tests that your replica exceeds the FPS limits, then you will not only be removed from play, but you will not be refunded your entrance fee.

 4.3 – Minimum shooting range
Due to safety reasons, Airsoft-Games has set the following limits in regards to shooting ranges:
Snipers maintain a minimum shooting distance of 20 meters and are obliged to carry a side-arm in the game.

Airsoft-Games does not make use of the “BANG” rule en expects all participants to be responsible and to not make any – on purpose – HEADSHOTS at close range. This may occur – by accident – so always assume that it was. Our Instructors/Marshals will keep their eyes open for this sort of occurrences.



6.1 – The “Honor” – Hit system
In airsoft events, a certain “Honor system” is used, where the players rely on another player’s honesty when hit by BB’s.

To prevent unnecessary conflicts that may disrupt the game, there will be instructors present at all times on every airsoft event organized by Airsoft-Games.

depending on the distance, the player on the receiving end will usually feel the impact of a “HIT”, but on occasion it may be quite difficult to experience the impact due to heavy clothing or tactical gear. See the importance of our instructors on and near the field. But the bottom line is that it always comes down to the honesty of the attending players, because no-one can actually verify whether someone is hit or not.

You are out when you are hit on your body (incl. head). It is allowed to make headshots if there is no other way of taking out the opponent, but do not make this your primary target. At all times shoot only the head from a safe distance but note that ricochets do NOT count.

6.2 – Knife Kills
KNIFE KILLS” are also a possibility to take someone out. When a player can get close to another player and actually tap him, this simulates a “KNIFE KILL” and the victim is out.

6.3 – Safety instruction for Snipers
To prevent injury, so-called snipers will receive an additional briefing. A sniper is only allowed to shoot when a target is at least 20 meters away from the shooter. This is because the sniper rifle usually shoots a lot harder than the more common airsoft rifles. A sniper must also be in possession of a side-arm. This will be explained clearly during the briefing by the instructor/Marshal.

6.4 – HIT on the airsoft-replica weapon
A “HIT” to the airsoft-replica weapon counts as a regular “HIT”. In some cases it may be allowed that you continue playing with your side-arm (when present). When and how will be explained with the briefing.

 6.5 – Blind fire
This is not allowed, in any way. “Blind Fire” is a player’s action whereby he shoots his weapon without having visual contact on the target or see where the weapon is aimed at.

6.6 – Cursing or foul language
Abusive language or physical contact is of course prohibited on any event, and will be reprimanded by the organization. Of all players is expected to solve their differences in a mature and polite manner, and when required with the assistance of an instructor.

6.7 – The HIT-procedure
Of all participants on an event is expected to recognize when they have been “HIT”.
The ‘HIT’-procedure itself is fairly easy and works in the following manner:
(1) Call out: “I’M HIT” or “HIT“.
(2) Raise your hand or replica.
(3) Use the “HIT-INDICATOR” during the walk to the Safety Zone (RZ) or Respawn Zone (RZ).

The hit-indicator is a fluorescent Safety Sleeve that is to be worn or held so that it is clear for all to see that you are hit and out of game. Every participant receives this Safety Sleeve at an Airsoft-Games event, free of charge. Rental kits include the Safety Sleeve.

6.8 – Cheaters
Dishonest players that do not abide by the rules or do not recognize their “HITS”, risk being removed from play by the organization. Repeat offenders may even be excluded from all our events, according to the rules of ruination of play.

6.9 – Dead men don’t talk
When one is hit and one the way to the respawn zone, it is not allowed to communicate in any form with other players still in the game. You are allowed to say only: “I’m HIT”. Ignoring this rule is regarded as cheating and ruination of play.


7.1 – De referees on the field
On all our airsoft events there will be experienced marshals and instructors and these will be recognizable at all times. The instructor keeps an eye on all players and makes sure that everything on the event runs smoothly and according to the safety regulations. Next to the instructors ASG also makes use of so-called Marshals. The difference between an instructor and a marshal is that the instructors are direct employees of the ASG organization and have a higher level of authority, where a marshal is mostly hired externally by the organization and reports to the instructors.

Whenever a problem arises, for instance with cheaters, you will search for an instructor or marshal. There will always be one near you and in the worst case, you will find one in the Safety Zone. Never start cursing or start running around with an aggressive attitude, this will be regarded as ruination of play. Anyone that acts in this manner will have to start packing and leave the event, regardless who was to blame for the initial dispute.

When an instructor/Marshal notices a dispute, he will summon all players involved to the Safety Zone for a cool down. If we notice anyone displaying a hostile attitude towards the Marshal or Instructor, the player will be removed from play without a refund. 

7.2 – Instructors and cheaters:
Situations may occur wherein a “HIT” is not felt due to the thick and heavy gear or the adrenaline. Should we however notice that you purposely ignore several “HITS”, you will be removed from play without any refund of the entrance fee.

Cheaters are a great cause of frustration and Airsoft-Games.com takes this offence very seriously! If you are confronted with a cheater, raise your hand or replica and walk towards him, remember the number on his arm and walk to an instructor to report him. Only then can the instructor take the appropriate action.

7.3 – Respect the  instructor
The Airsoft-Games instructor always has the final say and is by definition always right, just like a referree at a football game. At all times should you respect the instructor’s decision. Aggression towards our instructors/marshals is not tolerated and we will enforce a zero-tolerance policy regarding this.

7.4 – Safety Zone & Respawn Zone
[Safety Zone]: is the place on the event of the headquarter for the instructor/marshals. This place is always indicated properly and this is where you can change upon arrival, where the briefings take place etc….

[Respawn Zone]: Zone where you start again when hit. On the playing fields there are designated zones, called “Respawn Zones”. The locations of these Safety-Zones are always explained beforehand by the organization. Keep your glasses on in the Respawn Zone, because these are NOT Safety Zones.

In the Safety Zone (SZ)and the Respawn Zone(RZ) there are several rules that need to be respected by everyone:

1. At all times wear your safety glasses or mask, also in the Safety Zone. Your eye protection is never removed during the course of the day.

  1. 2. When entering or in the SZ or RZ: Remove the magazines from the replicas. Always make sure the last BB’s removed from the chamber and put the safety ON.
    3. No test firing or dry-firing in the SZ or RZ! Again, in the SZ or RZ not a single shot is fired! Shooting will be possible in the therefore assigned locations, but these will never be in the SZ or RZ!
  2. 4. No fingers on the trigger when you are in the SZ or RZ!Further on, please use common sense. The Safety-Zone is used for many things, but not for firing your airsoft-replica. There are people present here, so always think before you even handle your airsoft-replica there. Your glasses can under no circumstances be removed. If your glasses are fogged, broken or uncomfortable, go to the SZ where this is allowed and remove your eye protection there –temporarily-.

During the testing of an airsoft-replica in the therefore assigned locations you will always wear your eye protection. Look at the beginning of the game to your fellow gamers, and see if they are wearing their eye protection or point out any flaws you may notice.

On the field you are ALWAYS OBLIGED to wear your eye protection, both during the game as during the breaks. In the Respawn Zone, you are OBLIGED to wear your eye protection at all times.


Breaking any of the rules in this Chapter leads to immediate removal from play without any refund of entrance fee.

8.1 – Pyrotechnics
Using pyro-technical material, such as BB-grenades or fireworks is strictly disallowed. Participants using these will be removed from play without refund.

8.2 – Smoking and consumption of alcohol
Cigarettes and smoking in general is not allowed on our playing fields. Only in the therefore assigned locations will smoking be permitted. Consumption of alcohol is also not allowed during an event. After the event – after agreement of the organization – there can be an opportunity to do so.

 8.3 – Narcotics  and the use of Cannabis
Using and the possession of narcotics in any way is not allowed. When caught using or possessing illegal drugs, you will be removed from the event and the authorities will be notified. Players under the obvious influence of narcotics will not be allowed access on the field. Violation of these rules will result in immediate removal without any refund of entrance fee.

 8.4 – Violence and racism
Any form of violence or racist behavior are strictly forbidden. In other words, physical or verbal abuse is not allowed on our games. Any breach of these rules means removal from the event, without refund of entrance fee.

 8.5 – People and animals
It is strictly forbidden to shoot animals. All Airsoft-Games.com playing fields are surrounded by fences, water or ribbons. It is possible, when reaching the outer parameter of the playing field, that you encounter walkers. It is strictly forbidden to aim your airsoft-replica at this people and shooting them. Ignoring this restriction means immediate removal from play without refund of entrance fee.

 8.6 – Damaging items or infrastructure
In case of damages to our infrastructure, be it on purpose or by accident, you will report this immediately to our instructors or marshals. Any financial loss as a result of these damages will be assigned the player(s) in question.

8.7 – Real-steel weapons
Carrying real-steel (Fire)arms, alarm guns, or bladed weapons (such as daggers, knifes, bayonets, etc…) is strictly forbidden. Anyone carrying either one of these will be removed from play without any refund of entrance fee and will be handed over to the proper authorities.

8.8 – Extreme Ideologies
Badges, banners, flags and other signs influenced by certain groups or persuasions are forbidden. Any reference towards (neo)- Nazism and comparable extreme ideologies will not be tolerated. Combat-simulation events are no training grounds for militia. Groups or people that are signing up for our events for this purpose will NOT be allowed.

8.9 – Third party commerce
It is strictly forbidden to all participants to trade food, BB’s, drinks / soft drinks, airsoft-replica’s (or renting these out) and any other related items during or on an  Airsoft-Games.com event. These items and services will be offered at all times by the Airsoft-Games.com organization.

Breach of these rules will result in immediate removal of the trader and the buyers in question without any refund of entrance fee. Pay close attention! Do you see anyone trade despite this warning, please inform the instructors/marshals.


9.1 – Garbage
On all Combat-Simulation events there will be the possibility to consume beverages and snacks. It is however not allowed to leave garbage lying around on the terrain. Therefore we ask you to consume these only in the Safety Zone and to use the appropriate bins to dump your garbage.

Cigarette butts will be deposited in the appropriate bins and not on the ground.

9.2 – Lost and found
Lost and found items are to be handed over to an instructor/marshal and he/she in turn will hand them over the rightful owner. On the Airsoft-Games.com forum is a special section for this, please make sure to check these when necessary.

9.3 – Urination
We have great facilities to relieve yourself, so it is completely unnecessary for you to relieve yourself on the playing field. When the urge is great, an instructor or marshal may point you towards the nearest facilities.

9.4 – The use of BB’s
All plastic and bio-plastic BB types are allowed on our field.


10.1 – Liability
This documents reflects our thoughts, personal vision and opinion. Despite the constant care and attention we placed in the composition of this document, it is possible that certain information in this document and/or on our website is incomplete or incorrect.

The information in this document is constantly updated and eventual changes can be made and activated with without any prior notification.

No visitor e.g. participant is allowed to publish or announce any of the copyrighted works or any other information from our website or from this document without the authorization of Airsoft-games.nl.

We cannot be held responsible when the information on Airsoft-games or this document is used for unintended purposes. All information is offered in the state in which it is supplied without any guarantee concerning its intended purpose or otherwise.

We reject any liability towards any direct or indirect damages, of any nature, resulting from or in any way connected to the use of Airsoft-games.nl or the temporarily unavailability of Airsoft-games.nl.


Should you have any unanswered questions after reading this document, feel free to present these to the organization. The organization will provide you with answers where possible. We look forward to welcoming you on one of our breathtaking Combat-Simulation events.